Unmasked, Poetry of Self Expression

Unmasked reveals the multitude of masks each one of us constructs as our way of surviving, of protecting our tender heart-filled core. These multiple masks become more and more heavy and ever so complex as we age.

These many facets of ourselves become buried within us; they weigh us down. But they nonetheless continue to be alive, unconsciously determining our daily behaviors. Tremendous amounts of our energies are shunted to keep our inner facets of ourselves at bay to keep us functioning. These protective maneuvers take a tremendous toll on us as we age.

Our innate fears keep us from unmasking ourselves. We continue in every way possible not to strip away our multiple masks. It is this terrible fear of becoming emotionally vulnerable, open, and yes, completely naked that keeps us tethered to our facial masks. The ultimate challenge of Unmasked, Poetry of Self Expression is captured in the following statement:

"Unmask to Live!"

If one can have the courage, the bravery, and fortitude to "unmask" oneself, it leads to a more conscious joining of all of our inner facets. This action empowers each one of us to live authentically and more fully who we are. This is ultimately the "message" of Unmasked Poetry of Self-Expression.

Unmasked, Poetry of Self Expression is available at Lulu.com and at Amazon.com.

"The poems in Unmasked are not a mere collection of poems, but a complete unity offering a vision of life."

R.P. Burnham, editor of "The Long Story", a literary magazine.