falling free
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Falling Free (CD)

by Paul Kachoris and Andy Mitran

This lyrical work is the story of everyone’s spiritual journey inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. It guides the listener through the successive stages of the hero’s path. At the end, the voyager’s wounds are healed, and he has been transformed from armored beast to spiritual being.

The joyful collaboration of Paul and Andy in the making of “Falling Free” is a creative adventure of friendship. Both treasure every moment of the time they spent together fusing Paul’s soulful poetry with Andy’s empathic music. They are thrilled to have opened a powerful aesthetic avenue into the heart and the soul of the listener, reminding everyone that “we are all spiritual beings having a bodily experience.” They now invite you to take The Hero’s Journey of eleven steps.

Falling Free, CD and individual MP3 files are available for preview and purchase at CDbaby.com

“This is pure inspiration. I’d forgotten for a moment or maybe for a year or a decade that I was on a spiritual journey. Thanks for reminding me!”

Bob Koehler
Chicago Tribune