The Armadillo

“The Armadillo” is my signature poem. It marks a major demarcation moment in my life. This poem, more than any other of my poems, captures the moment when I gained the courage to embrace my heart, my deepest feelings, and bring them out into my life.

“The Armadillo”

The Armadillo thickly plated
moves methodically,
proceeding analytically
in all its endeavors,
closed off.

Beating deeply
his heart
is encrusted
beneath his armor,
silently keeping its secrets.

Can he dare to shift?
Is there a place
deep within the woods
where like-minded creatures
can retreat?

A room perhaps
where hearts can beat revealed,
enticed by love
that flows from native guides,
whose armored plates
have softened
through their passing years.

Such place exists.
I’m sure of it!
It waits for every armadillo’d man,
who weaves a path
between the prickly thorns
and finds his way to it.

It is inside his heart,
that stands within the center
of this magic room,
where every seeking man is warmed
and where his plates fall free.