My next book idea

Oh what an awakening! Since that moment my head has been spinning with this larger focus and what I was really doing when I created Unmasked. This award opened a new doorway of my thinking.  That I did have a a new thought-provoking title, making new inroads and progress into human emotional growth and personal evolution, and re-directing human thought and illuminating our future human path. This has me thinking of my second book.  I am kind of groping toward expressing my ideas that all my complete poems are offering my vision of life; that these 9 facets trace the journey all thinking human beings have to make to arrive at a higher plane.

And so I have been becoming more and more conscious of a “facet 10.”  Perhaps this will be my second book; a companion book to Unmasked.  I am beginning to see how I am squeezing down, a distillation, the essence of Unmasked down into the emotional/feeling/affective state of “compassion.”  Naming my second book: “Ousia=Essence” and even with a new mask to capture that Facet Ten will be Compassion. But will it be all poems? or will it be prose and poetry? Distillation of some of the more “compassionate” poems? Or pushing the limits of human enlightenment and expanding it through old poems, new poems, and prose. Who knows? Just lots of ideas spinning.

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